Fort Harrod BCH

Comment from Ginny:  Fort Harrod continues to set the bar on keeping a chapter busy with fun and educational events.  Below is the calendar FHBCH release early in February: (Includes some events already held…). I hope this inspires other chapters who may be struggling to keep members engaged.

Pasture Management  for Horse Owners –  February 11th, 6pm at the KCTCS OFFICE, 300 North Main Street, Versailles.  Sponsored by UK Cooperative Extension Offices of Central Kentucky.  For more information and reservations, contact Linda McClanahan at Mercer Co. Extension – (859) 734-4378.  You received a separate email and flyer about this event onMonday, Feb. 1st.
4-Winter Conference – Saturday, February 27, 2016; 9am – 12pm at the Mercer County Extension Office  Volunteers will be needed to help at the various tables
FHBCH Annual Meeting of Members – Sunday, March 6, 2016; 4-8pm – We will have our election of Board Members, Auction/Fund Raiser, a great Potluck Meal and a program featuring Roy Cornett.  Roy is one of the original organizers of BCHA activity in Kentucky.  He is a KyBCH Director, represents Kentucky on the National BCHA Board and is Fort Harrod BCH’s newest member.  If you want to know how important being a member at the Chapter level is to Trail Riding, Roy’s presentation will answer those questions. He will give us an update of what the Trail Riding Community in Kentucky is doing regarding trails and camping.  We need members to solicit items for the Annual Auction.
Annual Meeting Auction Item Request –  Lois says we still need Auction Items for the Annual Meeting.  So either bring what you have collected or let her know what has been promised.  If you want to ask for donations, but are not sure of what we need, here is a partial list of previous years items:  Barn Signs, Feed, Feed Supplements, Riding/Training Lessons, Tack, Grooming Equipment, Pictures and Prints,Trailer Accessories, and other horse related equipment.  We will publicize the names of all the donors at a meeting and followup email. We will also provide the Donor with a letter acknowledging an item if they need it for a tax deduction.
Annual Health Clinic – Saturday, March 12, 2016 from 8AM – 12pm at Big Red Stables – Reservations are suggested to limit long waits.  Dr. Murray will be the Vet and John, the Equine Dentist, will be providing their services. There will be a Trail Ride after the Clinic.  Reservations may be made by emailing Lois Short (  More details on costs will be emailed a few weeks before the Clinic.
Hunter Pace – Sunday, May 15, 2016 at Big Red Stables – Emily Dennis is organizing this event.  She says they are great fund and will be a Fund Raiser for FHBCH.  More details to follow in the coming weeks.
Kentucky Back Country Horsemen Rendezvous and Annual Meeting – June 3 – 5, 2016 at Red Hill Horse Camp near Livingston, KY –   Camping and riding Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Annual Meeting and Potluck Dinner around 6pm.  Back Country Horsemen from all the Kentucky Chapters will gather for this Annual Event.
Work Days –  We will be scheduling work days for Eagles Nest, Shaker Village and other areas after the weather clears.  Please make every effort to participate.  if you cannot physically do the work, perhaps you can come to take some photos, provide refreshments or help at the staging areas.

Land Between the Lakes BCH

LBL BCH held its member meeting and elected new officers:
President: Larry Ladd
Vice-President: Roger Kendall
Secretary:  Jean Ann Darnall
Treasurer: Debra Kendall

The biggest news out of LBL is that Trail 11 (A trail that was cut in half by a new road expansion way back in 2006, prior to BCH formation!) is finally being re-routed, GPSed, and built to replace the mileage lost ten years ago.  This was accomplished by a combination of new trail management, a new Forest Supervisor, and the persistance of Jerry Fruth who is a member of BCH, has managed an Endurance Ride at LBL, and kept the right amount of pressure and professionalism aimed at Forest Management over the years.

Mammoth Cave BCH

Mammoth Cave held its annual meeting on March 19, 2016.  The invited speaker was Lora Peppers (shown at left), Chief Park Ranger at Mammoth Cave National Park,  who spoke about the new trail markers (partially paid for by MCBCH). No official scheduled workdays yet for MCBCH yet, that may change if help needed with markers (park personnel changes may delay placement) or other park needs. In the meantime, MCBCH focus will be on trail pruning, cleanup, recon, reporting hazards, etc.
Officers for 2016 are:
President: Brenda Cecil
Vice-President: Kevin Davis
Secretary: Bonnie Jolly
Treasurer:  Valerie Stokes
MCBCH invites you to LIKE their Facebook page:

Mountain Lake BCH

Mountain Lake held its Annual Member meeting & potluck on March 21, 2016.  President Greg Jones led the meeting and told the group of meeting, along with a few other MLBCH members with the new Daniel Boone Forest Supervisor, Jon Kazmierski.  The talks went well and there is a proposed project to work with the Boy Scouts in trail maintenance, and perhaps also going over with the Boy Scouts how to pack a mule or horse.  The planned day will include an evening meal prepared by BCH.
Officers were elected:

President: Greg Jones
Vice-President: Edith Conyers
Secretary: Sheila Adkins
Treasurer: Kathy Caudill


BCHA Ad in USA Today

USA Today is printing a special national issue on May 9th (2016 Salute to National Parks System: Centennial Commemorative) to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the National Parks.  It is expected to sell 500,000 copies.  BCHA is taking a FULL PAGE AD in the issue, which costs $10,000.  States were asked to contribute to the cost, and KyBCH board agreed to send $250.  Two other anonymous donors each added $50 to make the full Kentucky donation = $350.

Additional NOTE: Within hours of the Executive Committee decision to go ahead with the Centennial Commemorative, the states of Utah and Missouri stepped up and contributed $500 each and challenged other states and chapters to do the same.
For questions, comments or criticisms please contact, Jim McGarvey at:
C: 706-669-1015
Please make out contribution checks to Back Country Horsemen of Americaand mail to:
P.O. Box 1367
Graham WA  98338

BCHA Chapter Grants Available

BCHA Education Foundation grant applications are due by April 15th for May distribution Grants are available up to $1000 and  some  grant money is available for only youth projects as requested by the donor.

Another grant session may be held in the fall such as October for November funding if we have funds.

Applications are on the BCHA website for your use and to send them on to the Education Foundation board.

Recent Press Releases

BCH of Washington Surpasses Project Goals

BCH of California Gets It Done, and Then Some


Packing Scholarship for a youth member age 18-25.

Do you know a young person who would like
to learn to pack with horses or mules?


BCHA will again be offering a Packing Scholarship for a youth member age 18-25.  It is offered by Connie and Mack Long owners ofBob Marshall Wilderness Outfitters in Montana.  BCHA will help with travel expenses, and the tuition for the class will be covered as well.

BCHA has informed us that there have been NO applicants so far.  DEADLINE TO APPLY IS APRIL 15th.  Here’s a link to the application:


Would you like to tell others about your favorite trail??

Telia Butler, the Public Relations Manager at Bowling Green Convention Center and Visitors Bureau, has offered to help write up trail descriptions for us, to be submitted to the Equitrekking Blog.(

Telia says, “I graduated WKU with degrees in print journalism and history, so occasionally I get to brush the dust off my creative writing skills and have some fun. I’d be happy to work with editing with any of your members who would like to send more stories to Darley.”

This is a great way to promote Kentucky’s trails.  You know where you like to ride, which are the prettiest, or longest, or most challenging! Even if you don’t like to write, Telia will do that for you if you just talk to her or send her the information.

Equitrekking is a NATIONAL program and site, so this is one way to help Kentucky bring trail riders here to enjoy what we enjoy.

CONTACT TELIA AT 270-782-0800  or

Land Between the Lakes Requests Comments


March 31 Deadline

Land Between the Lakes Requests Comments
for Proposed Changes in Monitoring Changes

Each National Forest has an Area Plan which describes their local management goals for the property, and how they are going to measure their success through monitoring.  




If you ride LBL trails, or even if you do not, you are welcome to comment on their plans to CHANGE THE WAY MONITORING IS DONE, BY MARCH 31st.

CLICK HERE to read about the changes and submit your comments.


Printrendezvous image

2016 Kentucky BCH Rendezvous and Trail Ride

The 2016 KyBCH Rendezvous and Trail Ride will take place June 3 – 5, 2016 at the Red Hill Horse Camp in Rockcastle County. The Red Hill Horse Camp website is

Campsite reservations should be made directly with Red Hill, as well as stalls. At Red Hill, all horses must be kept in stalls, there is no picketing or high-lining allowed. Sites are mostly shaded, and all have hook-ups. There is also a day-parking area with no hookups (a large field).

Trails around Red Hill are in the Daniel Boone National Forest and there are a lot of rocky areas. We recommend horses have shoes or boots.

There are no lodging facilities at the camp except for your own trailer. There is a nice large camp building with heat, air-conditioning, picnic tables and TV, and a kitchen.

This event is open to all KyBCH members, friends and family. It is open to the public as well. The only event, which will be held late Sunday morning, which is limited to members, is the annual member meeting.

Fund-raiser: Our fund-raiser is Saturday night dinner. The cost of the meal is $17.00 – which is more than it costs Back Country Horsemen, and the extra money will go to the KyBCH treasury. Thank you for donating to the cause! PRE-REGISTRATION FOR THE SATURDAY NIGHT MEAL WILL BE REQUIRED SO WE KNOW HOW MANY TO COOK FOR.



Arrive at your leisure. You are on your own for meals.
A guided ride will be starting at around 3:00 if you would like to go.
We will have trail maps available that will provide recommendations for short,
medium and long rides, if you have not been there before.


Ride on your own all day.
(All demos and meals open to everyone – all riders and friends whether you are
associated with Back Country Horsemen or not – whoever makes a meal
reservation) 5:30 Dutch oven cooking demonstration – Kathy Caudill (Mountain Lake BCH) will be making our dessert. Dinner at 6:30PM, BYOB.
There will be a speaker after dinner (to be announced)

SUNDAY June 5th

7AM – 10AM Breakfast served
9:00AM Cowboy Church
10:30AM Annual Meeting in Pavilion (if it rains we will move to Dining Hall)
All meetings and speaker will be over by 12:30PM
Ride more or travel home after 12:30

Roy Cornett Speaks at FHBCH

Last night Fort Harrod Back County Horsemen introduced a director of national office of Back Country Horsemen. That horsemen was also a director of FHBCH, Roy Cornett. Roy spoke for several minutes covering what the national association does to promote horsemen access to public lands across America.

Tom Herndon, president of FHBCH took these pictures.


Kentucky Horse Council Hosts Successful Sustainable Trail Building Class

The Kentucky Horse Council recently hosted a one-day Trail Building Class at Land Between the Lakes – Wranglers Camp. The class was instructed by Roy Cornett.
Trail building- Roy
Topics covered in the class included: a discussion of trail environment in Kentucky; introduction of trail issues involving user groups, public and private lands; key features of good trail design, and less acceptable trail design; options to limit erosion through design techniques, and an introduction to trail tools and equipment.



WHEREAS, the mission of the Kentucky Back Country Horsemen is to work to ensure public lands remain open to recreational equestrian saddle and pack stock use, and

WHEREAS, the National Park Service, and Mammoth Cave National Park in particular, has the following purpose: “The National Park Service cooperates with partners to extend the benefits of natural and cultural resource conservation and outdoor recreation throughout this country and the world.” (, and

WHEREAS, historically Houchens Ferry Road has been part of the equestrian trail system from 1945 to 2010, with no known incidents of injury, and

WHEREAS, in 2010 the current Superintendent closed the road to equestrians stating there were “safety concerns”, without public input or a safety study, and

WHEREAS, tourism and local businesses which rely on tourism have experienced a negative impact due to this closing, and

WHEREAS, using the Houchens Ferry Road as a return loop for First Creek Trail provides a much desirable 9-mile loop; using the road also reduces impact to First Creek Trail by eliminating the need for riders to backtrack to return to the trail head, and

WHEREAS, the Houchens Ferry Road provides a safe environment for horses due to the low traffic volume of a dead-end road, low vehicular speed due to its gravel surface, 12 foot width suitable for vehicular and horse traffic to co-exist, lack of improved structures, lack of adjoining roads, a wide flat shoulder of the road and the flat forested road border, and

WHEREAS, using safe roadways such as Houchens Ferry Road for part of the Mammoth Cave trail system provides additional recreational mileage with no building or maintenance costs, and

WHEREAS, the Houchens Ferry Road can be kept open to equestrian use by a Superintendent’s Compendium, as has been used in a number of other National Parks in the Southeast Region,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by Kentucky Back Country Horsemen to go on record supporting the opening of Houchens Ferry Road to equestrian use.

Approved by the Board of Kentucky Back Country Horsemen on Tuesday, November 10, 2015.


2015 Dawkins Rail Trail Carriage Ride

Conley’s Horse Photos

2015 Dawkins Rail Trail Carriage Ride

On October 24, 2015, a 9 mile portion of the Dawkins Rail Trail located in eastern Kentucky was closed to the public in order to allow a group of wagons and carriages to ride the trail. The trail is a part of the Kentucky State Park system and is currently 18 miles long. It was previously a railroad corridor that had been originally constructed in the early 1900s by the Dawkins Lumber Company to transport timber. Over the past few years the state of Kentucky has undertaken the effort to convert this corridor into a trail that can be used by hikers, cyclists, and horseback riders. Normally, wagons are not permitted on the trail for safety reasons due to the very limited space available to turn and/or pass other users. With special permission to allow the wagon and carriages to use the trail, this event was organized by Edith Conyers and Vicki Doucette and supported by the Royalton Trail Town committee, the Kentucky State Parks Department and the Friends of the Dawkins Line group. A total of 30 wagons were planned for, but because of bad weather in other parts of the state along with a few other reasons, the actual number of wagons or carriages registered was 21 (although I was only able to identify 18.) The ride left the Royalton trailhead in Magoffin County at 10AM and proceeded about 9 miles to a site where a tasty lunch was provided for all participants and their riders. Along the way, we crossed several very well constructed viaducts over valleys and creeks. We even crossed the Bert Combs Mountain Parkway on a raised viaduct. We also drove through the Gun Creek Tunnel which, according to the Ky State Parks website, is 662 feet long. In several spots, the trail runs alongside of or crosses highways which gave access to the many photographers and spectators who wanted to see and/or photograph the group. At each highway crossing, there were members of the local sheriffs department or rescue squads on hand to control traffic. After lunch, the wagons and carriages lined back up and retraced our steps back to the Royalton trailhead, arriving there about 6PM. A large group was waiting for our return with food and there was a live bluegrass band on stage to provide entertainment. Overall, this was a very well planned event and very enjoyable. The leaves cooperated and were probably at their peak in terms of color. In addition, the weather while terrible in most of the state, stayed mostly dry all day with only a few stray light showers through the day. If the talk of trying to make this into an annual event is successful, I know that I would love to do it again. By next year, the entire 36 miles should be completed and open and we may be able to visit entirely new portions of the trail. Click on the links below to view the photos I took during this event.


Click the links below to see photos from this event!

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Slideshows *

2015 Dawkins Rail Trail Carriage Ride

2015 Dawkins Rail Trail Carriage Ride



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A DVD with a slideshow of all of the photos displayed for this event is available for $24 plus $6 for shipping.

Individual photos are also available for purchase!  Contact us or click here for more information about ordering.