Would you like to tell others about your favorite trail??

Telia Butler, the Public Relations Manager at Bowling Green Convention Center and Visitors Bureau, has offered to help write up trail descriptions for us, to be submitted to the Equitrekking Blog.(http://www.equitrekking.com/).

Telia says, “I graduated WKU with degrees in print journalism and history, so occasionally I get to brush the dust off my creative writing skills and have some fun. I’d be happy to work with editing with any of your members who would like to send more stories to Darley.”

This is a great way to promote Kentucky’s trails.  You know where you like to ride, which are the prettiest, or longest, or most challenging! Even if you don’t like to write, Telia will do that for you if you just talk to her or send her the information.

Equitrekking is a NATIONAL program and site, so this is one way to help Kentucky bring trail riders here to enjoy what we enjoy.

CONTACT TELIA AT 270-782-0800  or telia@visitbgky.com

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