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Update on Cave Run Trails

The DBNF Cumberland District Ranger Dave Manner has provided this report regarding work done on the Cave Run Trails, as part of the Cave Run Trails Initiative.

CAVE RUN TRAILS – FY14 Accomplishments

SCA Conservation Crew:
• Tread work completed on switchbacks on trail #100 @ Clear Creek & Zilpo BywayLogging out and brushing the following:

Trail#   NAME     BMP    EMP    Total Mi.    EBLI     Workforce

• 109 BIG LIMESTONE  0 3.08  3.08 CMTL/CMXN  Force Account/Vol/Partner
• 112 CAVE RUN  0 3.8  3.8 CMTL/CMXN  Force Account/Vol/Partner
• 108 CONNECTOR TRAIL  0 0.16  0.16 CMTL/CMXN  Force Account/Vol/Partner
• 106 HOG PEN 0  1.59  1.59 CMTL/CMXN  Force Account/Vol/Partner
• 107 CROSS OVER  0 3.18  3.18 CMTL/CMXN  Force Account/Vol/Partner
• 113 BUCKSKIN 0  9.82  9.82 CMTL/CMXN  Force Account/Vol/Partner
• 113 A CONNECTOR  0 0.87  0.87 CMTL/CMXN  Force Account/Vol/Partner
• 114 EAGLE LAKE TRAIL   1.27  1.27 CMTL/CMXN  Force Account/Vol/Partner
• 118 BUCK CREEK  0  3.14  3.14 CMTL/CMXN  Force Account/Vol/Partner
• 122 LAKEVIEW RIDGE   2.34  2.34 CMTL/CMXN  Force Account/Vol/Partner

Total= 29.25

STA- Sheltowee Trace Assoc. Volunteer work:

• 2 work days opening 1.5 miles of trail at Mill Branch Sheltowee Re-route.
• Morehead Trail Town Event – National Trails Day – June 7, 2014.

KYMBA- Mt. Bike Volunteers – Volunteer Work:

• Limestone Loops – Began construction of Loops 1(2.39 mi.) & 2 (3.09 mi.),
• Maintained Lakeview Ridge (trail 2 mi).
• Maintained Pioneer Weapons Area bike trails (2 mi.)


• Limestone Trailhead – signed, re-contoured and graveled parking area. Remarked trails in the Limestone/

Sheltowee area.

• Processed the NEPA decision on the re-route of the Sheltowee Trace trail through Morehead.
• Completed CR survey for Limestone Loops (see above) bike trail and received SHPO concurrence.
• Participated in trail workdays w/ STA volunteers and Morehead “Trail Town” activities.

•Placed out new signage to match the CRT decision.

• Processed a contract for mechanized maintenance (Sweco Dozer) focusing on year-round horse trails. Once started there will be approximately 10 miles of trails refurbished.

• In process of ordering and/or replacing 12-15 trail signs.

• Worked with Morehead Tourism on designation of Morehead as a Trail Town, an effort of the states

Ride Across Kentucky For KyBCH


Ginny Grulke


Lexington, KY, September 1, 2014 – Three women from Central Kentucky will be riding 137 miles on horseback and carriage from Greenup Kentucky to Sadieville, Kentucky this fall, to benefit the Kentucky Back Country Horsemen (KyBCH). KyBCH is an organization which works to keep trails in natural areas open for all users through volunteer maintenance, trail design and use education, and land manager relations.

Edith Conyers (Mt. Sterling, KY), Ginny Grulke (Lexington, KY) and Anne Husted (Paris, KY) will take 12 days to cover approximately 137 miles. The ride will begin September 18 and end September 29. They will be riding horseback as well as driving a carriage pulled by two ponies. The route chosen goes along small rural roads, and the group hopes to meet and talk to rural Kentuckians on their way.

“We all enjoy riding on trails,” said Edith Conyers, “and we enjoy rural Kentucky life, so this trip allows us to experience both and benefit a worthy organization.”Ginny Grulke added, “You can’t appreciate the beauty of Kentucky until you get far away from the interstates and large cities. This trip will take us right through that beauty, as well as give us a chance to talk to rural residents while enjoying our horses.”

The women will be staying overnight in an RV driven by Anne Husted, on both public and private property. Ginny Grulke will be blogging about their experiences as they cross the state at The ride begins September 18, 2014 outside of Greenup, KY.

Next spring, the three plan to continue their Ride Across Kentucky by riding from Sadieville to Perryville Battlefield.For more information about the ride and to donate to the cause, visit

For more information about Kentucky Back Country Horsemen, visit

IMG_0301.JPG IMG_0271.JPG

New Trails in Bracken County

New Trails in Bracken County

There are new trails in Bracken County, located on County-owned land. Bridle Tags will be available starting Sept 6th at the Grand Opening. Your 2015 tag is good for the remainder of 2014 and the entire 2015 riding season. The cost is $15 for Bracken Co Residents and $20 for all living outside of Bracken Co. Note: they can go on bridle, saddle, be placed on key chain, or anywhere handy for you.


From New Hope Rd. or JCT 159 on the AA Hwy in Pendleton County going South towards Maysville it will be 17 miles from New Hope Rd. When you go past JCT 2370 look for a sign on the right hand side that says Hook-Gillespie Rd 1/4 mile you will turn left onto Gillespie Rd and then turn left to the Trail Head Parking Lot on the Right side by the Carport Shelter.

Check our Face Book Page.



CKyBCH working on Life Adventure Center Trails

CKyBCH working on Life Adventure Center Trails

Central KY BCH has connected with Life Adventure Center in Versailles, KY and offered to work on trail maintenance and signage. The group approved $200 out of the CKyBCH treasury to go towards signage.

Life Adventure Center is a nonprofit experiential adventure center for children, military veterans, and corporate functions. Visit for more information.

LBL BCH Fall Work Day and Potluck

Land Between Lakes Back Country Horsemen of America


(ALL KY BCHers invited)

Mark your calendars for Saturday September 20th Between Lakes Back Country Horsemen of America. We will be placing a picnic table and hitching post at the south end buffalo pens. We will meet at 8:00am sharp in day use area for sign up and organization. Please be sure to check with Lisa for sign up before you leave for the project. If you see you are going to be running late Saturday please text Lisa at 270-970-1782 to let her know. Sometimes phones calls don’t work in LBL. Don’t forget your work gloves. It would be really great if all members could attend. This is the day we all have been waiting for.

Later that day Saturday, due to the fact of getting dark earlier, we will have our September potluck and meeting at camp site B12 at 5:00pm. The club will be furnishing the meat, bread,
forks, and napkins. We will need someone to bring paper plates. If you are planning on bring
plates please let Lisa know. Everyone please bring a covered dish, your own drinks, and lawn
chair. We will be having one or two visitors from the Kentucky Back Country Horsemen. The
KBCH are going to be discussing having the 2015 annual meeting at Land Between The Lakes.

Last year the meeting was held at Mammoth Cave. We will also be planning the rehanging of
the volunteer plaque back on the bathroom/ shower house. Remember to invite a guest for
future members.

Lisa Taylor, Secretary

Mounted Tracking Seminars Available


ty cunningham

Cmdr. Cunningham is a Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Retired, Certified Master Scout Tracker, Co-founder of the International Society of Professional Trackers, Tracking Forensic Scientist, who pioneered the Science of Forensic Spoorology, which is the study of reading human behavior in footprint evidence.

For sponsoring a seminar or other inquiries contact us

Reference: Mounted Tracking Seminaror visit us here.

We look forward to your inquiry


Carter Caves State Park Horse Camp Concerns

Mountain Lake BCH has reported that there is a concern about non-horse campers using the horse campsites, preventing horsemen from being able to get sites for camping and trail riding.

Below is the report from a meeting with the Commissioner of Parks regarding this situation.

In attendance was Commissioner of Parks Elaine Walker, Director of Parks Monica Conrad, Susan Rieber from the First Lady’s office, Roy Cornett, and myself.


According to the Commissioner, the problem is financial… the horse sites are not filling, which reduces the Park’s income. State Parks have very tight budgets and rather than let the sites stay empty, they are making them accessible to non-horse campers.

In addition, Carter Caves Campground has no pull-through sites except the horse sites, and so the large RVers are reserving them early so they get the pull-through and the extra space. Currently, reservations can be made up to a year in advance through the reservation system, Reserve America. 3 of the 8 sites cannot be reserved in advance, ie you can drive in and take one, first come first served – but you have to have a horse with you. After 6PM Friday,

ANYONE can take those three sites.

Ms. Walker is afraid to turn down the RV-ers since she feels they will go somewhere else if they cannot get into these particular pull-through sites. And then the sites would again sit empty. She believes that the horse community is not aware of the campground, and wants to work together to promote the Carter Caves horse campground to trail riders.

For example, to have some special events and also advertise it through our various newsletters; to include them (and the other State Parks with Horse trails) in the 2015 Trail Series. They want Carter Caves to be a “destination” for more horsemen.

They will monitor the usage of the sites to see if more horse people are occupying the sites.

They will also look at how far in advance the RV-ers actually reserve the sites. It is possible that horse sites could only be reserved 3-6 mos in advance, to give horse people more of a chance to reserve.


1. Horsemen are unable to reserve as far in advance as non-horse campers, since we are so dependent on weather. We need to reduce how far in advance ALL horse sites can be reserved.

2. The word has gotten out that there are often no sites available, so horsemen are staying away from Carter Caves: this will take a while to reverse.

3. If pull-through sites are so popular with non-horse campers, then Carter Caves should provide those sites by renovating the existing non-horse campground.

4. Taylorsville Lake horse Campground is a model of a well-run Horse Campground. Staff are knowledgeable of the facility and of horses, and on the Reserve America page it says:

The Equestrian sites are 46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54, and 55. You must bring a horse to camp on these sites.


We will work on shortening the reserve time for horse sites, and participate in promoting Carter Caves to the equine community.We urge horsemen interested in riding at Carter Caves to make your camping reservations as early as possible.

We will talk to Tourism again about using Taylorsville Lake as a model for Carter Caves, where you MUST bring a horse in order to use a horse site.. (and Pennyrile SP, which has problems with non-horse people in the horse sites as well).

Back Country Horsemen of American Expands Their Reach to Benefit

Back Country Horsemen of America Expands Their
Reach to Benefit Equestrians Across the US
By Sarah Wynne Jackson

Back Country Horsemen of America, the organization that works hard to protect our right to ride horses on public lands, is bigger than ever. Membership now totals over 13,300 members nationwide, with chapters in 27 states. In 2013 alone, those members contributed 368,000 volunteer hours valued at $14 million aimed directly at keeping trails open for horses and other users. Over 30,247 miles of trails were maintained. They’ve welcomed several new State Organizations that carry their benefits to equestrians across the country, and even re-designed their popular website.

BCH in “The Natural State”

Arkansas Back Country Horsemen, previously an Affiliate Organization, has met the requirements and was recently accepted as a BCH State Organization. Equestrians in Arkansas enjoy many miles of trails that meander through the state’s wild landscapes.

The 6,911 acre Village Creek State Park is its second largest state park and includes Crowley’s Ridge, a landform of rolling hills in eastern Arkansas’ Mississippi Alluvial Plain with unique geology, topography, and unusual plant communities. Riders also return frequently to the 75 photogenic miles of trails along the running rapids and quiet pools of the Buffalo National River, which passes decades-old farmsteads and other historic structures.

BCH from Coast to Coast

For the first time in history, Back Country Horsemen of America now has a state presence from the Pacific to the Atlantic since Back Country Horsemen of Kansas became a State Organization. Equestrians in the Sunflower State ride across the plains, prairies, hills, and forests in a variety of public lands. In the southwest corner of Kansas, the Cimarron National Grasslands encompass 108,175 acres, the largest area of public land in the state. These wide open plains showcase rock cliffs, cottonwood groves, yucca, and sage, along with native grasses and riparian vegetation along the Cimarron River. Eisenhower State Park, located 30 miles south of Topeka, includes 1,785 acres of tall grass prairie and woodland in addition to the 6,930-acre Melvern Lake. Horse trails offer a variety of terrain and scenic lake views.

BCH in the East

Although Back Country Horsemen of America was founded in the west, their vision has caught fire and is steadily spreading across the country. BCHA is pleased to welcome Florida Forever Back Country Horsemen, previously an Affiliate Organization, as a new State Organization. FFBCH has always had the characteristic “get it done” attitude of all Back Country Horsemen.

Over 30 members logged a total of more than 300 volunteer hours clearing 10 miles of the Withlacoochee State Trail for equestrian use near the town of Nobleton. Previously, this stretch of trail was badly overgrown and nearly impassable. They also worked with a number of other equestrian groups to perform trail maintenance on the Bear Head Hammock Horse Trail in the Two Mile Prairie Tract, part of Withlacoochee State Forest.

Stay Informed

Back Country Horsemen of America recently unveiled a new website at This is your one stop spot to keep up with BCHA’s many projects, learn more about responsible equestrian recreation, and find out how you can get involved with protecting our right to ride horses on public lands. You’ll find their updated brand, front and center on the home page. Their virtual storefront makes it easy to purchase books, bumper stickers, CDs, patches, and more while supporting a cause you stand behind.

Get Involved!

The folks at Back Country Horsemen of America are humbled and thrilled to have experienced such growth in recent years. This is an exciting time to be a part of BCHA! Don’t miss out – join now! Go to to find a chapter near you, or contact BCHA directly and they’ll tell you how to start one. Every new member makes a difference in their efforts to preserve this historical use of public lands.

About Back Country Horsemen of America

BCHA is a non-profit corporation made up of state organizations, affiliates, and at-large members. Their efforts have brought about positive changes regarding the use of horses and stock in wilderness and public lands.

If you want to know more about Back Country Horsemen of America or become a member, visit their website:; call 888-893-5161; or write PO Box 1367, Graham, WA 98338-1367. The future of horse use on public lands is in our hands!