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Horses and Bikes at the Reservoir

Saturday June 27 there will be a potluck at 1pm at the Scott Co Reservoir property. It’s a joint venture with meat provided by Central Ky Back Country Horsemen (CKBCH) and Kentucky Mountain Bike Association. (KYMBA).
Come in the morning and ride the trails-horses on the horse trails and mountain bikes on Skull Buster. Riding starts whenever you want but allow for being ready to eat together at 1pm. After the meal we plan to have a short “desensitization” area set up for anyone who wants their horse to see that cyclists on bikes are their friends and may even have treats in their pockets!
Horse rigs please park on the NORTH side of Gaines Rd. since it’s the larger area and cyclists please park on the SOUTH side along the creek field. We will have signs for parking. Drop off perishable food in the horse parking area. Coolers, tables, grills,etc can be set up in the horse area since they can haul it easier. Cyclists can also park on Skinnersburg if they don’t have perishable food to drop off on Gaines Rd.
We will have further updates via email and an area for communicating who is bringing what will be set up soon on the CKBCH Facebook page.
If you’re not a cook you can sign up to bring paper plates and utensils, corn hole games etc. on the FB page.
In the event of a monsoon we will likely have to cancel or postpone because none of us wants to use muddy trails and the parking areas will be slick as well.
Mindy Taylor

Kentucky BCH Rendezvous Details

Kentucky Back Country Horsemen

Kentucky BCH Rendezvous Details
June 6 (Saturday)

Mammoth Cave Horse Camp
Arrive whenever you want to & ride the trails
Be sure to reserve a campsite if you haven’t already.

6:00 Potluck (Central Time)
ABOUT THE FOOD:  KyBCH will provide hamburgers, hotdogs and brats, rolls and condiments.  Members should bring a dish to share and whatever you’d like to drink.
If you don’t eat hamburgers, hotdogs or brats, feel free to bring your own meat and you can use the grill.

6:45 Door Prizes

7:00 Business Session
Keynote Speaker: Mammoth Cave National Park Superintendent Sarah Craighead
Annual Meeting:
Presentation of finances and a proposed budget
Elections for some board officers
Member feedback on ideas for the next 6-12 months, including:
New Logo, Membership Gifts, Educational events, sharing of Rendezvous Planning, changing Rendezvous dates… and more…

We’ll see you there!
If you have any questions, just email or call me at or 859-940-4672 (Lexington, ie. EST)

I will be at Mammoth Cave on Friday and Saturday (June 5 and 6).

Ginny Grulke, Chair

Elkins Creek Horsecamp

OBJECT!!!! Wayne National Forest,Ironton Ranger District, “Buckeye Habitat Improvement Project:on the HORSE and HIKER TRAILS!!!! This MUST be done by May 26, 2015 your voice makes a difference on National Forest.
You may EMAIL your opinion to:
You may Mail your letter to: Wayne National Forest, Ironton Ranger District,
6518 State Route 93, Pedro, Ohio 45659.
It should contain the following:
Your Name
Your Address and Phone Number
Project Name: “Buckeye Habitat Improvement Project”
Attention: Patrick Mercer
State you opinion and why

Example: I oppose the Buckeye Habitat Improvement Project on or around the surrounding area of the horse and hiker trails! Or the project on the WHOLE!
Example reasons in your own words:
1. Closure of trails for long periods of time weeks to months for the next 20
2. Less opportunities for any recreational uses, hunters included.
3. The SCENIC view will be destroyed.
4. The highly invested trails base will be ruined, habitat and vegetation in its
natural setting will be lost.
5. The protection of the trees canopy cover will be eliminated giving exposure
to heat and and sun.
6. Logging trucks on already deteriorated roads and bridges.
7. Noise of saws and logging equipment on the trails and in the camps
8. Our tax payers dollars have built and maintained our trails, allocated
moniesgrant monies and sweat equities of volunteers. These should not be
destroyed !
9. Economies of community businesses with be affected and/or closed
10. The project area of the horse/hiker trails is the MOST TRAVELED and
MOST Scenic. There are other areas NOT being logged or thinned and the
horse/hiker trails should be excluded. This area should be left for the
people”s uses for it IS the people’s land!
11. Wayne National Forest Ironton Ranger District has 104,000 acres you can
do this project on an area that is not heavily used for recreation, residental
or businesses.
12. The ecology of the forest will be highly impacted with disturbance of natural habitat, carbon sequestering of the trees – health of our community and our personal health, water filtration – increasing water companies fees to filter water, watershed of trees gone- increase flooding and landslides, scenic value, depreciation of residential and business property values. Attraction to natural forest will be decreased affecting potential new residents, businesses and recreation and tourism. Heavy logging trucks traveling already rough roads and bridges with current flooding and landslides can increase with no cost to the forest or logginig companies but to the communities around this project. No taxes are paid to Lawrence County for this project.Leaving we the people to pay for the destruction.

Southeast Ohio under Congressman Johnson’s district in which Wayne National Forest owns 245,000 acres at last check has the highest unemployment rate and poorest health in the state.

We are not against logging but do it in the right places. Please share this post you have until May 26 for your opinion to be considered. On the National Forest Website, National Forest Supervisor, Tom Tidwell, talks about spending by visitors engaging in recreation activities supports MORE jobs and economic output than ANY other activities on National Forest.

Wayne National Forest says “Yes, this will destroy the scenic view in our life time”. So when are we to view it? Wayne National Forest says, “little or no money for operations”. So we take highly invested trails and destroy them with no money to restore them back? (NO amount of money can replace the peace and serenity of the National forest scenic beauty).

Thank you for taking time out of your day to support our trails and community. It could be your trails and community next. The National Forest Land is owned by the AMERICAN PEOPLE and we have a right to say what happens to it! IF you are a United States Citizen young or old you may comment.

Please share forward to other horsemen–groups and individuals clubs etc.
The bigger the grass roots effort the bigger the impact!! So all who ride trails should help with this whether you ride at this facility or not.

KyBCH Rendezvous just a month away: JUNE 6th

JUNE 6th is rapidly approaching, the date for the KyBCH Rendezvous at Mammoth Cave Horse Camp.  If you haven’t made your camping reservations yet, it’s time to do that!

Here is a flyer showing the schedule for the potluck and meeting:

2015 rendezvous flyer-60

Did you know that in some states, their Rendezvous lasts a whole week?  Lots of trail riding, Dutch Oven cooking, classes, and socializing…  Kentucky is not there yet, but each year we can make it better if the members are interested in the idea.

Each chapter should have as many members attend as possible, and hopefully your chapters’ President and Board members have been encouraging everyone to attend.  All members vote on all issues, especially the elections!  So a good representation is important.

See you at the Rendezvous!