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Equestrian Hitch Rails at Stoney Cove Parking

Central Ky BCH and Mountain Lake BCH Placing of the new
Equestrian Hitch Rails at Stoney Cove Parking
Cave Run LakeDaniel Boone National Forest

The week of June 16, 2015 several members went up to the Stoney Cove Parking area at the Dam at Cave Run Lake to finish digging the holes for the hitch rails to be installed.

The Corps of Engineers owns the property surrounding the dam and thus we had to get permission to put the new ones in. Anthony Orr at the Corp office was wonderful to work with as were his men. They approved of the rails and tried to dig the holes for us (but were not too successful).

The first trip up was to see if the holes needed a jack hammer. Well—–our two wonderful guys who went to discern this just used gut strength, digger bars and a post hole digger and got them done, through the sandstone. Cory White and Mike Sosby are my heroes.

The next evening two of them, two of Cory’s kids, Kash and Curry, and Kathleen Caudill and I went back to set the rails with concrete.

We were done by dark with the help of a case of beer for the workers and then headed for a well deserved dinner in Salt Lick, KY.

Kathy Caudill went back up a couple of days later and took down the support rope and re-bar and returned that to the Corps office. Next she filled in the tops of the holes with dirt as the concrete had hardened sufficiently.

A huge thanks to All who helped get this done!! The hitch rails are really nice and I hope all the uses will make good use of them.

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Signs are added to trails at the Reservoir in Scott County

November 10th.

Friends of the Reservoir posted signs to help riders navigate the trails. Friends of the Reservoir are a group of dedicated horse enthusiasts who try to maintain and improve old trails, construct new trails and keep one another informed of events on the 1300 acres of the Scott County Reservoir property.

Members of Grant County Horsemen, Riders up Wheels Rolling and Central Kentucky Back Country Horsemen rode the trails of the Reservoir and nailed trail markers to trees. These signs signs4

were made by RK Walker and the following participated: Karen Craiger, David Thornton, Drexel Neal, David Brantley and Lynn Aulick.

signs2 signs6signs7

About a dozen signs were added on each side of Gaines Road.


On October 18th, the LBL BCH held a ceremony with the Forest Service celebrating the renovation of the old bath house, one of the historic buildings at the property.  The group had taken the old original plague, which had broken and been taken down, and renewed it to its original condition.  They invited members, friends, LBL dignitaries and some of the original builders who built the bathhouse, to the dedication.  After the plaque ceremony, LBL BCH held a potluck and invited all to stay and socialize.